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Opticians & Optometric Technicians

We are looking for an optician with at least a year of experience. Pay $29,000- $35,000 annually.
Full time position with 401k and 401k matching, employee discount and paid time off.
Monday- Friday, no weekends, no holidays.

We are looking for someone who is dependable, detail and people-oriented as well as adaptable.

Our optometry office is in need of an experienced optician to join our team. We run an efficient and team-oriented office with hours Monday-Friday, no weekends or holidays. An ideal candidate should expect 40 hours per week and should be knowledgeable in helping patients choose the perfect frame, repairs, adjustments, and billing insurance. Our patients have come to expect fast, friendly service; all while being driven by the smallest details. If you enjoy serving patients with different styles and requests, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Duties & Responsibilities
-Review patient's insurance coverage and the prescription given by the optometrist
-Educate patients with their options while keeping in mind their medical needs as well as their lifestyle preferences
-Provide honest but considerate feedback on frame choices
-Repair, clean and adjust spectacles
-Assist in general office duties as needed for proficient day to day work flow

Resumes can be sent to my email

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